Dealers Den

The Dealers Den is the traditional home of vendors at most Furry Conventions; in other genre of conventions, this can be also be known as the Vendor Hall or Expo Hall. Here you can buy a wide variety of merchandise such as comics, games, t-shirts, books, plush toys, commissions and so much more. As well as shopping, can often meet artists and authors, either as guests of vendors or at a table of their very own. You may be able to commission that artist you’ve always wanted to meet.

How to be a dealer at Texas Furry Fiesta

If you are interested in being a Dealer in 2019, information is available on our Dealer Registration page.

Registration Details

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Please feel free to contact the Dealers Den Staff with any questions.

    1     RILEY
    2     JESS E. OWEN
    3     FUZZ FACTORY
    4     SpazzyCat Studios
    5     Laser Cheetah LLC
    6     Dreamvision Creations
    7     Warhorse Workshop
    8     Wirefly Jewelry
    9     Onnanoko and P. Moss
    10    ConTact Soap and Scent Company
    12   Pawstar
    13   Tie Dye & Treasures
    14   Mary Mouse
    15   Hyena Agenda
    16   Sorbet Jungle
    17   FurPlanet Productions
    18   Rukis Art
    19   TFOTR
    20   Kawaii Doggo / Made by Muttmix
    21   Studio Neko-Neko
    22   Cowscratch Inc.
    23   Noxychu Arts
    24   DiZZiNESS
    25   Lemonbrat
    26   Sirkus
    27   Dragonmelde Illustrations LLC
    28   Croc Shop
    29   Alekivz
    30   Owlapin
    31   Royalty
    32   Vantid
    33   Laura Garabedian
    34   Paw to Press
    35   Comter Fabrications
    36   Sasha R. Jones Illustration
    37   Jonathan Vair Illustration
    38   Rysingson Accessories
    39   Falconsong Studios
    40   Clockways
    41   Spooks & Treats
    42   Story of the Door
    43   sassypants
    44   Shiny Dragon Jewelry
    45   Tailarium Creations
    46   Lock & Key Curiosities
    47   Gideon’s Corral
    48   Alastair Wildfire
    49   WoLf n Cubs
    50   Padunk & Niis
    51   Donryu Illustratons
    52   PinkGatorPress
    53   Pinku Shika Art
    54   Furry Mystery Box
    55   Art by Navy / Small Fox Shop
    56   Carpetshark Studio
    57   Silver Games LLC
    58   Alletharia’s Dwagons
    59   Our Mass Hysteria
    60   Radio Comix Unlimited LLC
    61   Portzebie & Luna Starbright
    62   Canis Ovis Arts
    63   BeastSoul
    64   Caribou Ink
    65   Dark Natasha
    66   Heather Bruton Illustration
    67   Diana Stein
    68   Mao’s Menagerie
    69   Oxygen Impulse
    70   Cabbits Co.
    71   Joshiah’s Written Works
    72   Cynthia Conner Illustration
    73   Corgilope
    74   Laughing Rabbit Graphics & Furry Logic Productions
    75   AtoZ Creative
    76   Wintre Arts
    77   Lindsey Burcar Art
    78   A True Blue Artist
    79   Interlinked Jewelry


Register for Texas Furry Fiesta 2019! Pre-registration ends March 12th, 2019.

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