Dance Competition

You enter a dark hallway. The walls are cold as you walk down the hall with only your torch for a small amount of light. The walls expand and dissappear as you continue into the darkness. A low rumble begins to grow more and more and suddenly lights explode and surround you. You stand in a huge arena! Fans screaming as before you stands the 4 Dance Judges of the Dungeon of Furry Fiesta! You roll a skill check for your routine! Natural 20! You may just win this Dance Contest yet!

Filling out the application will get your name on the list into the Auditions where you will dance your way to be in the Main Show for all to see. Auditions results will be given at the end of the Audition panel. If you do Audition and go to the Main Dance Contest, you MUST provide your own music for your dance (In the form of a USB FLASH DRIVE or CD). If you do not bring your own Music, you will not be allowed to participate in the Main Dance Contest.

After the auditions finish, the finalists that move onto the Main Dance Contest will be given the time, and reviewed for anything specific, the stage name we have, and the music you provide to get the list together, as well as when you will perform in the show to allow proper rehearsal time and no surprises that are unwanted.

Please submit your Audition Sheet or contact our Dance Competition Coordinator if you have any questions or concerns. You will be answered as promptly as possible as well as kept up to date and informed about auditions and any important new information.


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