Furry Fiesta is excited to announce our move to the Hyatt Regency Dallas for 2018! Seated below the iconic Reunion Tower, in the heart of downtown Dallas, the Hyatt Regency Dallas is an amazing sight to behold.

Recently renovated, this venue has over 1100 guest rooms and 160,000 square feet of meeting space. It’s within walking distance of many picturesque sites including the West End Historic District. And it’s also directly connected to the Union Station transit hub making it extremely convenient for mass transit options. Also, Furry Fiesta attendees will enjoy $5 per day parking with in/out privileges in the surface parking lots surrounding the hotel.

Hyatt Regency Dallas

300 Reunion Blvd, Dallas, TX 75207


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Hotel Front Desk

(214) 651-1234

Hotel Website

Read on below for details about parking, suites, deposits, and lots of other important details!

Frequently Asked Hotel Questions for the Hyatt Regency Dallas

It’s a brand new venue for us! We know you’ve got questions. Here are answers to the most common ones we’ve heard so far:

Q: Can I get a cheaper room at the Hyatt through another website or company?
A: No. The Hyatt has agreed not to provide a lower room rate through any other group or company during Furry Fiesta’s dates. If you find a lower rate elsewhere, or if another company contacts you claiming to have a lower rate, please email details to You’ve most likely encountered a scam, a bait-and-switch program, or a credit card fraudster. If you’ve already booked a room at the Hyatt through another company, please also send us the reservation confirmation number and name the reservation is under so we can confirm whether the reservation is genuine.
Q: I have a fear of heights. Will that be an issue?
A: You can request a room with the lowest possible floor when making your reservation. If you reserve online, we recommend following up with a phone call to Hyatt Reservations at 888-421-1442 to make sure your request is acknowledged. Floors 1-15 are also serviced by the two Skyline Elevators which do not feature a view outside of the hotel.
Q: Can I get my room for free if I keep it clean?
A: Possibly! When housekeeping cleans your room each day, they will give Furry Fiesta a list of exceptionally clean rooms. On Sunday, if we see your name on that list every morning you were checked in, your name gets entered into a drawing to get up to three (3) nights of your stay free of charge to you. We’ll announce the winner or winners at closing ceremonies. (If you’ve already checked out and paid by then, you’ll be refunded the difference.)
Q: How many people can sleep in each room?
A: The Hyatt Regency Dallas allows a maximum of 3 guests to sleep in each King room and Executive King room, and a maximum of 4 guests to sleep in each Queen room and each suite. Please indicate accurately how many adults you plan to have in your room. If you have a room with two queen beds, you should list at least 2 adults. If you only list one adult but reserve a room with two queen beds, the hotel may automatically change your reservation to a single king bed later.
Q: What is the minimum age to reserve a hotel room?
A: Anyone with a valid credit card or debit card can reserve a room. However, the person checking into the room must be at least 18 years of age.
Q: How can I make a special request for my reservation? (specific floors, connecting rooms, etc).
A: Call Hyatt Reservations at 888-421-1442 for special requests. If you reserve online, you should also enter these types of requests in the reservations comment box to ensure the front desk sees them when you check in. But you should call Hyatt Reservations at 888-421-1442 afterward to be sure they are acknowledged.
Q: Is there a deposit charged when I reserve a room?
A: No. You are required to give valid credit card as a guarantee for the room reservation. However, your card will not charged until the end of your stay, or until the morning after your scheduled arrival date if you do not check in and do not cancel your reservation by 3:00pm hotel time, one day prior to your scheduled check-in date.
Q: Is there a deposit or credit card hold required at check-in for incidentals?
A: The Hyatt Regency Dallas charges a nightly deposit of $40 per night of your stay for incidentals. Also, for suites, the Hyatt Regency Dallas charges an additional $250 damage deposit per stay and requires signing an agreement at check-in. Standard credit cards or cash are encouraged for deposits. Use of debit cards for this is discouraged as it may result in a hold on funds in your bank account until 3-5 days after your check out.
Q: Where can I hold a room party? Can I hold a room party if I have a suite?
A: Room parties may only be held in rooms and suites located inside Furry Fiesta’s dedicated room party area. Rooms and suites outside of the dedicated party area may not be used to host room parties. Room party applications are closed at this time. If you are still interested in hosting a room party, please send email to
Q: Can I post signs on my room door or elsewhere?
A: The Hyatt Regency Dallas does not allow signs (including room signs) to be attached to any wall, door, window, mirror, elevator, or surface via any method, including tape, adhesive, glue, fasteners, string, brackets, magnets, rubber bands, static cling, jam, butter, magic, etc. Any room signs found attached to walls or doors will be removed. You may use door handle hangers as long as they do not damage the door. Furry Fiesta is providing door handle hangers for this purpose to every attendee at registration check-in. However, content on these must adhere to a “G” rating (general audiences, all ages, nothing that would offend parents for viewing by children).
Q: How does parking work?
A: Furry Fiesta has negotiated $5 per day discounted parking with in-out privileges for our attendees in the Hyatt’s two self-parking surface lots. The “B Lot” (larger lot to the South of the Hyatt beside Reunion Park) and the “Radish Lot” (small lot near the front entrance of the hotel). Here’s how this works:
  • Hotel guests will use their hotel room keys to exit the self-parking lots. This will incur a single $5 per-day per-vehicle charge on their room bill. Arriving attendees should park first, then go to the front desk and check into their room to get room keys to exit the parking lots.
  • Non-hotel guests must park, then check in with event registration to obtain their membership badge, then show their attendee badge at the valet desk to purchase a discounted parking pass key card for the number of days needed.
  • Valet In/out privileges for hotel guests only. Valet prices (not discounted) are:
    • 0 – 4 hours, $19.00 + 8.25% tax
    • 4 – 8 hours, $23.00 + 8.25% tax
    • 8 – 24 hours, $29.00 + 8.25% tax
    • Overnight, $29.00 + 8.25% tax
Q: How do I get to the hotel and parking lots?
A: See our Travel Page for details.
Q: Is there Internet service available?
A: Complimentary standard wi-fi Internet access is provided for up to 6 devices in per room guest rooms and public areas. Access details are provided at check-in. Free internet access is available to non-hotel guests in public areas. Internet access is not available to attendees in function spaces.
Q: Are refrigerators available?
A: Every guest room has a mini-fridge in it.
Q: Are roll-away beds available?
A: A limited number of roll-away beds are available for $20 per night +8.25% tax each. These are available first-come-first-served at check-in.
Q: Is there ice available?
A: There are ice machines stationed on each floor.
Q: How much should I tip housekeeping?
A: You should plan to leave $2 to $8 each day. Tip more if you’ve left a mess.
Q: Is there a courtesy shuttle service to/from nearby attractions?
A: Yes, there is a small courtesy shuttle that travels within a 2 mile radius on a first-come-first-served basis. See the Concierge desk inside the front entry for more details. (And don’t forget to tip your driver!)
Q: Where can I distribute flyers?
A: Flyers may be placed only on our designated message boards and on tables in convention space. You may not leave flyers in public spaces such as the hotel lobby, coffee shop, bar area, restaurant area, etc. All sign and flyer content must be PG-13 in nature.
Q: Can I ship items to the hotel to be waiting for me when I arrive?
A: Yes! The FedEx branch inside the Hyatt handles all guest package receiving. Click here for details.
Q: Will the swimming pool be open?
A: The swimming pool is not heated, but it is open year-round.
Q: Can I punch a hole in my room key to attach it to my lanyard or with a badge clip?
A: We don’t recommend this. The room keys at this hotel are electronic. Using a hole punch or slot punch on your room key may render it inoperable.
Q: I don’t see my question here.
A: Please email your question to


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